Significant new capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2016

  • Improvements to In-Memory technologies continue to increase performance gains, while the introduction of new historical tables that automatically capture changes and security features to protect data in motion.
  • Management of non-SQL Server data sources. New data engine technology addresses the growing importance of Big Data and Web data sources, and enable customers to leverage their SQL Server tools and expertise to analyse data collected from a variety of on-premises and remote sources to create new applications and BI reports.
  • Significant BI investment. SQL Server 2016 delivers major updates to integration, analysis, and reporting tools, including the first release of secure mobile access to on-premises reports. 
  • Azure is Baked In: Some of the most interesting and powerful new capabilities shipping with SQL Server 2016 require Azure. For example, it allows on-premises databases to leverage Azure Stretch (a hosted service) to store historic or rarely used data and potentially reduce on-premises storage costs.

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