What is Power BI?

Power BI for Office 365 is a cloud based self-service business intelligence solution that collaborates existing Excel capabilities with additional powerful data modelling and visualization capabilities.

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Features of Power-BI

  • Power Query :  This is an Excel add-in that enables discovery & transformation of data. Data can be imported from both internal and external sources.

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  • Power Pivot : Its a self-service Business Intelligence Excel add-in for data modelling and data clean-up. It consists of both a client-side component (PowerPivot for Excel) and also a server side component (Power Pivot for SharePoint).

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  • Power View : A feature of Excel and an add-in to SharePoint which enables creation of interactive charts, graphs, maps and other powerful visualizations to form a dashboard.

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  • Power Map : An Excel add-in that creates interactive 3D visualizations of geographic data.

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  • Power BI Sites : Collaborative Business Intelligence workspaces in Office 365 for sharing data, queries, insights, workbooks & dashboards with colleagues. Data is kept up-to-date with connectivity and refresh back to on-premises data sources.

Add Power BI sites to your Office 365 site

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  • Q&A : This offers natural language query capabilities that enable end users to ask questions  and get answers displayed with interactive charts and graphs based on available data.

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  • Mobile BI : Mobile device support on Windows 8 & Windows RT for data visualization using HTML5.

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